For the Bride
Brides Bouquet
Traditional Shower Bouquet£95.00 - £175.00
Traditional with Lillies£100.00 - £195.00

Handtied Bouquetfrom £70.00
Sheaf over the arm stylefrom £70.00

Prices vary according to the size of bouquet (length and width), and the variety of flowers used in it. Roses, Carnations and Freesia for example are considered standard flowers and are available in a wide range of colours. The use of Stephanotis, lily of the valley and orchids however, will increase the cost.

Half Moonsmall from £35.00
Half Moonmedium from £40.00
Half Moonlarge from £45.00

Full Circlesmall from £45.00
Full Circlemedium from £45.00
Full Circlelarge from £50.00

Hair Combsmall from £15.00
Hair Combmedium from £20.00
Hair Comblarge from £25.00

Other hairpieces can be made to your own design or shape, or you can have individual flowers to put in your hair.
Books are available to look through for ideas, or, if you have your own picture we can work from that.
Bridesmaids Bouquet
These can be a smaller version of the brides suitable for a bridesmaid

Traditional Shower Bouquetfrom £60.00
Handtied Bouquetfrom £50.00
Sheaf over the arm stylefrom £35.00
Posy (in a wedding bell)from £40.00
Hoopfrom £25.00
Pomandersfrom £60.00
Basketsfrom £15.00

For bridesmaids headdresses see Bride Pricing.
For the Family
ButtonholesCarnation with foliage£2.50
Carnation with Gypsophila£2.95
Rose with foliage£4.50
Rose with Gypsophila£4.95

(Other flowers available on request).
Corsagefrom £9.50
Handbag sprayfrom £15.00
Wrist Corsagefrom £12.50

Family buttonholes, corsages etc. can be delivered to the bride's and to the groom's houses on the day.
For the Venue
Traditional Pedestal Displayfrom £50.00
Modern Pedestal Displayfrom £60.00

Bowsfrom £1.50
Pew EndsGypsophila and Bow£3.50
Pew EndsFlowersfrom £15.00

Arrangementsfrom £20.00

Other displays are available, individually priced according to your requirements. A florist will visit the church or registry office if necessary. All venue displays will be delivered directly. A contact telephone number is required for each venue in order for the florist to liase with the person concerned for access.

Table decorations(round)from £15.00
(elongated)from £17.50
Top table arrangementsfrom £30.00
Reception displays are delivered to the venue.

Gifts for mothers of the Bride/Groom
Bouquets from £15.00
Handtied Bouquetsfrom £15.00
Floral Basketsfrom £15.00
Arrangementsfrom £15.00