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Sparkling I Love You Balloon

By BalloonsBalloons

This is the Sparkling I Love You Foil Balloon filled with helium, which makes it float, it is refillable, so it can be re-used.

The base colour is red covered with small pink hearts and silver stars plus small 'I love You' captions in different languages, together with the large 'I Love You' caption in silver letters.

If you would like a closer look at this Foil Balloon simply roll the mouse over the image.

  • Sparkling I Love You Helium Filled Foil Balloon
  • Size: 46cm (18ins)
  • Supplied in Colourful Cardboard Balloon Box
  • With Ribbon Tie and Plastic Weight
  • FREE UK Next Day Tracked Delivery
  • Collection Available (Only £2.99 - Without Box)
  • Cold Air Causes The Balloon To Deflate
  • Room Temperature Restores Balloons Inflation
  • Balloon Can Be Reused
  • Warning: This Balloon May Conduct Electricity


Price: £9.95

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