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Christmas 2020

Jellycat Orders

This has been a very trying year, for everyone, and it is no different for online retailers like ourselves. Shipping has been disrupted and many businesses have had to cope with an unprecedented upsurge in trade.
No business is exempt from this, including Jellycat. Unfortunately, their warehouse has struggled under immense strain and, whilst they have been able to stock their own site, organising the distriution to others has become something of a challenge.

We hope you can understand that this level of uncertainty has had a knock-on effect on our own ability to provide the usual high-quality service that we pride ourselves on.

Latest update from Jellycat

We were informed by Jellycat on the morning of the 17th December that they could no longer guarantee our stock deliveries in the build up to Christmas.
We are forced to assume the worst. Essentially, orders yet to be fullfilled have a very real chance of not reaching you in time for Christmas.
We simply can't apologise enough for this.

What does this mean for your order?

If this issue does impact your order, we are, of course, going to do our utmost to help rectify the problem as smoothly as possible.
Here are a few options available to you:

  • Wait for the item you have ordered to arrive back in stock and then be sent to you ASAP
  • Exchange your item for a similar one, which we can guarantee the availability of
  • Or
  • Accept a full refund and our sincerest of apologies

If you do decide to choose a refund, we recommend looking on the Jellycat website to see if you can order directly from them. They have, in many cases, managed to restock their own supplies.

We are endlessly grateful to all of our valued customers, and again, please accept our sincere apologies; these really are issues that are totally out of our control.

From all of us at Fleurtations,
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas